Ever wanted to join a startup, but didn’t know where to start? 😅 Ever considered taking on non-engineering roles, but been too afraid to step outside your comfort zone? 🤷🏻‍♀️

In this industry episode, Mariya and Archit talk to Shannon Scott, Product Director at Australian Fintech 💸 startup ✨ Airwallex! ✨ Previously, Shannon has also worked at Palantir as a Software Engineering Manager.

They discuss:

  • Debunking startup culture, myths, and more
  • Using an engineering degree to excel in management 😎
  • What it was like working for Palantir 🚀 in its early stages
  • The significant early career benefits working at a startup compared to an established company ⚖️
  • Advice for keen students and startup enthusiasts
  • And more!

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1:33 University Life
3:46 Working at rapidly-growing startups (Palantir)
8:43 Airwallex
18:38 Startup Culture
31:23 Transitioning from Engineering to Management Roles
42:44 Advice to Students
44:43 Outro