In this Industry Podcast we’re talking to Alex Hope, a Red Team Security Engineer at Atlassian!

Alex (middle) with hosts Ryan and Angeni!

Alex had no idea they would go into cyber security while at uni, but has gone on to be behind some infamous hacks, including Operation Luigi and finding Tony Abbott’s passport number. In this chat, they introduce us to the exciting world of hacking that’s more accessible than you think, as we find out what they do on the job, how they got into the industry (and how you can too!), and what happened after the world found out about the Tony Abbott incident.

Check out Alex's blog and Twitter to keep up with their latest hacks!


2:04 - The journey into cyber security
10:43 - Advice for students wanting to get into cyber security
13:00 - A tangent about lock-picking
14:38 - Working in cyber security at Atlassian
47:46 - Hacking Tony Abbott
67:17 - Alex's second favourite hack
69:47 - Wi-Fi hacking
78:05 - Hacking and blogging about it
88:32 - Bonus content :)