Chasing a career in data engineering? πŸ“ˆβš™οΈ Wondering if it’s right for you? Or have no idea what data engineering even is? πŸ˜…

In this industry episode, Keith and Amanda sit down with Nicholas Lambourne, a Data Engineer at Canva 😎 and part time UNSW honours student πŸ“š, to discuss his experiences, including:

  • The perks and challenges πŸ’Ž of working as a data engineer
  • Big data, machine learning 🀯 and the future of data engineering πŸš€
  • The skills YOU need to become a pro data engineer πŸ€“
  • Life in industry and in academia
  • Internships, uni, and finding a career direction for yourself πŸ’‘
  • And more!

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0:34 What is data engineering?
6:51 The future of data
10:37 Daily life as a data engineer
18:13 Advice on getting started with data engineering
23:23 Working at Canva
32:09 Research in quantum computing and speech recognition (40:43)
49:28 Finding your fit in an internship
61:31 Degree regrets and picking a life path
74:52 Final advice