[ECHO] Coming back for CS: The Postgrad Experience

[ECHO] Coming back for CS: The Postgrad Experience

Want to listen to some 👄 talky talk 👄on the postgrad experience in CS? Rachel and Ivan try to cover these topics in a roundtable with some students studying CS as their second, or next, degree.

Welcome our features,
- Peter, who was in the Construction Management 📋 industry when he started a Bachelor's degree majoring in Computer Science
- Rachel, a pharmacist 💊who decided to start a Bachelor's degree majoring in Computer Science
- Mark, who was already working as a Mechanical Engineering graduate 🔨 when he made the jump into an MIT
- Ady, who was doing a PhD in Biology 🦠 until she decided to pursue an MIT majoring in Bioinformatics

🚦Where did they come from?
🏃‍♂️Why did they make the jump??
👀How are they finding it???
🤼Can they even make friends????
🚄What are they looking forward to?????




00.00.12 - 00.02.04  intro
00.02.04 - 00.04.22  original plan
00.04.22 - 00.08.45  phase in life when decision to start cs was made
00.08.45 - 00.11.40  initial thoughts on cs
00.11.40 - 00.15.06  cs attractive why? preconceptions?
00.15.06 - 00.18.30  first impressions of cse at unsw
00.18.30 - 00.21.10  useful acquired skills
00.21.10 - 00.24.37  uni life, volunteering
00.24.37 - 00.27.03  young classmates
00.27.03 - 00.31.57  maybe: how to make friend w/ young classmates
00.31.57 - 00.36.52   fears
00.36.52 - 00.46.26  bachelors vs mit vs other
00.46.26 - 00.52.40  pacing the degree
00.52.40 - 00.54.56  regrets
00.54.56 - 00.57.48  plans
00.57.48 - 01.01.51  advice
01.01.51  ending + thank you

Feel free to reach out to the CSESoc discord community! Make a forum post to get a more targeted response.

In case you had any further questions or wanted to continue discussion specifically with any of the guests, you can reach out:

- discord: MarkRaya#4626
- ig: @markyr
- linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-raya-4467a21b8/

- discord: Kiki#8134
- ig: @poots___
- linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/putijak-souk-58a10a19b/

- discord: rachel#4578
- linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-ahn-926a05222/