[ECHO] Life, Startups and Education with Hayden Smith

[ECHO] Life, Startups and Education with Hayden Smith

Is Hayden Smith your lecturer this term? Doesn't matter!

Hear a talk from Hayden, currently a co-founder of a start up called Pearler, who is also a lecturer AND ex-tutor that has dabbled in many subjects. He is most known for running COMP6080, the React course, and COMP1531, the groupwork course.
In this podcast, we talk about uni life, startups and education and cover questions like:

Does Hayden have work life balance?
What does Hayden think about students?
... and how does Hayden experience impostor syndrome?

Hayden's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hayden-smith-4505a55a/

Youtube: https://youtu.be/DQUXjOOAFMg
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7zO3C81A0wA4xsnxEIqIom?si=IzJXCoamT9OtIDmDN_091Q

Time stamps
00:00 - Intro
00:58 - Life: Juggling everything
03:17 - Life: Opportunities current students should grasp
04:42 - Life: Projects
07:29 - Life: Impostor syndrome
12:27 - Start Ups: CompareMeals, why start a start up?
15:45 - Start Ups: Fail fast learn quickly
18:27 - Start Ups: What good startups need
20:06 - Start Ups: Technical Depth
22:22 - Start Ups: Mentorship at Pearler
23:31 - Start Ups: Daunting things
25:49 - Start Ups: Letting go of and taking on responsibilities at a higher level
27:07 - Education: Why teach
27:51 - Education: Why still teach
30:00 - Education: Hayden and the community
31:47 - Education: Key things learned from teaching
35:45 - Education: Accommodating for students
37:27 - Education: Impacts of covid
40:31 - Education: Most challenging courses to teach
43:38 - Education: MyExperience
46:34 - Education: Teaching skills
50:49 - Life: Other horizons
52:52 - Education: Advice to uni self