Before considering any executive position for CSESoc, it is highly recommended that you read the constitution beforehand:

The constitution clearly outlines the roles, responsibilities and  expectations of executives. Should you be elected, a thorough  understanding of this document will be required so best to read it now!

In order to run for a position in the CSESoc Elections, you will need  to either nominate yourself for a position or be nominated by someone  else.

Once nominations are open, you will be able to submit your nomination by emailing with:
- Your full name and zID, or the full name and zID of the person you are nominating
- The position you or the person you are nominating is going for
- A link to a website, page, or document where people can find out more about you (optional)
- CC either the person you are nominating, or a person who will second  your nomination of yourself (if you are nominating yourself, the person  who is seconding you has to reply to your email seconding your  nomination. If you're nominating someone else, that person has to reply  to the email confirming their nomination). Be sure to use a zID email!

If you're planning on running for multiple positions, then make sure you include your preference for positions.

Please remember that to run for an executive position, you have to be  a full member of CSESoc when you nominate yourself. This means that you  should be doing a degree affiliated with the School of CSE (and if  you're transferring, you have already accepted your transfer at the time  of nomination).

If you would like to create a website, you can find some helpful templates here: Another simple option is Google sites:

Details you might consider including on your website or document

Overview of yourself

  • Name
  • Position you are running for
  • Degree + stage
  • Anything else that paints a good picture of who you are for members that haven’t met you!


Note: it is strongly encouraged that applicants for  the executive have previously held an executive or directorship position  within CSESoc.

  • Previous involvement and achievements within CSESoc, the CSE community, as well as UNSW more broadly.
  • Leadership experience
  • Any other relevant volunteering or work situations where you feel  you’ve exemplified or developed the skills required for the role


  • What you'd like to achieve next year as part of your role
  • Aspects of the society you value most, what will you uphold?
  • Aspects of the society you would like to improve