Subrat and Shane chat to the lecturer of the infamous Advanced Operating Systems course at UNSW, ✨ Gernot Heiser ✨! In an episode packed with brain 🧠 bending topics, they dive into not just lecturing, but also his decorated research career, as Gernot discusses:

  • Being the FIRST team in the world 🌏 to formally prove the security πŸ”’ of an operating system - seL4
  • How seL4 has been used in autonomous cars πŸš—, helicopters 🚁 and iPhones πŸ“±
  • The mistakes made 😞 and lessons learnt πŸ’ͺ from building a startup

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1:00 Getting into Operating Systems
15:49 Importance of OS
23:09 Industry vs academia
29:40 Microkernels and working with Qualcomm
41:42 Starting OpenKernelLabs
49:06 Developing and using seL4 - the world’s first formally verified operating system
1:23:19 Creating and lecturing the Advanced Operating Systems course
1:35:40 Interests, hobbies, and food
1:40:30 Reflection on failures and learnings, and advice for students