When was the first computer 💻 built? And who wrote the first computer program? 🤔

The✨ History of Computing✨ series is here to uncover how we got from punchcards 📝 to complex tech 👩‍💻 we study today! Join Alex and Keith as they explore the life and legacy of the first pioneers 🤓 of computer science, and dive into the mechanical marvels ⚙️ they envisioned. Discover:

  • The journey to develop the very first computing machines 😮,
  • How a computer without electricity 💡 was even possible, and
  • How Ada Lovelace became the first 🥇 ever computer programmer 👩‍💻

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01:09 Ada’s upbringing
02:02 Background on Babbage
03:06 The Difference Engine No. 1
08:44 Ada meets Babbage
09:28 Ada’s path in mathematics
10:29 The Analytical Engine
14:55 The First Computer Programmer
15:44 The Difference Engine No. 2
16:50 Babbage and Ada’s legacy