In this Echo episode Raathan and Sunny sit down with COMP1511 lecturer/Tik Tok celebrity/CSE BNOC Marc Chee! They discuss whether computing and teaching was something Marc always wanted to get into, Marc’s opinions on how CSE has been taught at UNSW has changed over the years, whether COMP courses should have a stronger emphasis on soft skills, whether all CSE students fall into the anti-social geek stereotype, and more!


0:46 Was CSE something you always wanted to get into?
7:55 Are all CSE students anti-social geeks?
18:42 Handwriting vs Typing
27:42 American, Japanese, and European Games
32:50 Tech Corporations: Making profit vs making the world a better place
42:03 How different is CSE taught today compared to when you were in uni?
53:30 Marc gushing over CSE Tutors and general COMP1511 discussion
77:55 Was teaching something you always wanted to do?
86:40 Internships
89:17 Do you think COMP courses should focus more on soft skills?
100:39 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?