How do you market 📈 and create content 🎬 for one of the biggest student societies at UNSW? 😳  

It turns out CSESoc in fact isn’t all magic 😮 and is run by sleep-deprived CSE students like you and me! 🤯 The Getting to Know CSESoc series aims to demystify what the directors and exec do ✍️ and to get to know them a little better. In the 4th episode, Keith and Michelle sit down with the 2021 Marketing and Media Directors: ✨Edwina, Eddy, Angeni, and Ryan. ✨

They discuss:
- The most rewarding 💪 and challenging 🥵 parts of being a director
- The insane work 🧠 behind managing socials and marketing events, career opportunities from sponsors, media content, and more for one of the biggest UNSW societies 🔥
- Media’s favourite guests on Echo 🎙 and some of the struggles that come with content creation 🎞
- Balancing director work with everything else ⚖️ - Being regular CSE 💻 and UNSW students 📚
- And more! ✨  

Check out the first three episodes of this series with some of the 2020 team if you haven’t already!

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0:00 Intro
2:08 Marketing: What is good about Media?
3:00 Media: What is good about Marketing?
4:43 How to market a student society 101
9:24 Where’s the CSESoc Tik Tok?
9:50 Who’s been your favourite guest on Echo?
12:47 The challenges of creating ‘73 Questions with the CSESoc Directors’
19:13 Most rewarding part of being a CSESoc Director?
23:22 Do you think you work well with your co-director?
27:16 Balancing director work with everything else
31:15 Stalking
39:56 Being CSE students
47:45 Guess Who: CSESoc Directors Edition
1:04:54 Random UNSW questions