🚨 Is the creeper 💣 tryna steal your stuff again?

🚨 Have you been shooting arrows 🏹 in the air sometimes?

🚨 Or gazing off into the boundless ☁️ skyline...

It’s time to get ready for a BLOCKBUSTER 🤯 event as CSESoc plays ⛏ Minecraft in our first ever Twitch livestream! AND we’ve partnered with @SydneyKids 👶 to raise money for Sydney’s network of Children’s hospitals and services.

✨ Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation ✨

SCHF helps children live their healthiest lives by funding vital clinical care, live-saving equipment and innovative research at Sydney’s hospitals. #StreamersForSickKids is an initiative to bring streamers together to help raise funds for their life-changing work.

Thanks to everyone who tuned into the livestream and donated!

We surpassed our goal of $600, raising $720 💸💰 in donations for the Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation!