The transition from high school to university can be pretty confusing πŸ˜…, but what if you combined that with the intimidating transition from moving to a different and unfamiliar city πŸ™ (or country) for university? 😳

In the first episode of the β€˜Student Life’ series, Mitchell (from Newcastle) sits down with students who did just that: Jack (Cessnock), Amir (Adelaide), Liv (Indonesia), and Ryan (New Zealand), to talk about their experiences πŸ›« moving away from their hometowns πŸ’” to come to Sydney to study at UNSW.

They discuss:

  • The initial struggles that come with being independent and living away from parents after ~18 years
  • Why they chose to leave their hometowns and come to Sydney πŸ’‘
  • The challenges and rewards πŸ’ͺ of moving to a different city for uni
  • Making friends πŸ₯° and fitting in to the Sydney culture πŸ₯Έ
  • What it’s like leaving your high school network of friends behind
  • How one podcast episode πŸŽ™ from CSESoc convinced Mitchell to come to UNSW instead of Newcastle Uni??

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0:00 Intro
1:49 Why did you choose to leave your hometown for Sydney?
13:07 Biggest shock factors when coming to UNSW
26:20 Hurdles/challenges of moving to Sydney in general
34:01 Biggest highlights of moving to Sydney
50:15 Advice for people on the fence moving to Sydney for uni