Ever started a massive project only to get stuck, feel intimidated and give up? Can you develop your skills with smaller, more manageable projects instead?

In this Personal Projects Showcase, Angeni and Julian talk to 2018 CSESoc Co-Pres, ex-Google intern and current Canva graduate Alli Murray. She tells us:

  • Why smaller projects can be more useful than ambitious ones,
  • How she uses projects to learn new programming languages and technology,
  • The difference between internship projects and personal projects, and
  • Why her favourite personal project was a Perl program??


04:30 Why start a personal project?
10:44 How to approach self-learning
13:54 Developing a Peer Mentor-Mentee allocation program
17:53 Internship projects vs personal projects
23:10 Coming up with ideas
24:44 Learning at uni vs self-learning
37:23 Future plans
39:08 Advice
41:24 Navigating degree changes

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