How did Selina help build an augmented reality education app that landed 2nd place at the 2020 CSESoc Hackathon AND come 1st place in her very first hackathon ever?

Angeni and Julian chat with 4th year Computer Science student, Selina Chua, to answer these questions and more in the latest Personal Projects Showcase! With hackathons being more collaborative than your average personal project, she tells us how she gets stuff done with her team under high pressure situations, learns new concepts in short timeframes, and most importantly - her tips for any students curious to try their own!


00:00 Intro
03:30 CSESoc Hackathon: building an AR education app
11:27 Building the frontend
24:30 Managing time in a hackathon
31:34 Main takeaways from undertaking the project
33:35 Freelancer Hackathon
39:37 Advice for students jumping into a hackathon
42:23 Building skills from each hackathon
46:10 Future plans!