Mariya and Amanda chat with ✨ Sasha Vassar ✨, CSE lecturer and the new lecturer for COMP1511 Intro to Programming at UNSW! As well as being an experienced computer scientist, Sasha also holds a doctorate 🎓 in Education, so they pick her brain about teaching, learning and computer science.

They discuss:

  • What it’s like teaching 👩‍🏫 Computer Science as a discipline
  • What’s missing 🧐 from the comp curriculum?
  • Her new 🌟 approach to COMP1511
  • Advice for how YOU can get the most out of your courses! 🤩

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0:46 Life before teaching
4:05 Teaching computer science as a discipline
11:17 Thoughts on teaching and educational philosophy
16:32 COMP1511: goals, expectations and advice
25:53 Lecturing higher-year courses
34:14 Advice and future plans