Ever wondered why you’ve never seen CSESoc’s Arc Delegate in person 🤔?? Kai is one of thousands of international students currently stranded in another country as COVID 🦠 has wrecked all overseas travel plans ✈️🚫.

Ryan and Angeni have an honest conversation with Kai about current life as an international student, spilling the tea ☕️ on everything including:

  • 😔 What it feels like to be away from friends for such a long time,
  • 🏫 How he still stays involved with societies and uni culture, and
  • 🎮 Which online game he never 🙅 wants to play again


01:12 How Kai was stranded overseas
04:14 Life in Australia (before COVID)
09:36 Life in China now
15:05 Studying online
16:51 Being involved in uni societies
33:02 Internships and interviews online
39:38 Tutoring online
49:35 Balancing responsibilities
55:11 Kai’s final advice

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