Ever stared at the UNSW Handbook for hours 🤔 trying to figure out what subjects you need to take? Ever wished that there was a simple and even aesthetic ✨ way of planning your degree?

That’s exactly what Hayes, James and Vincent thought when they decided to create ✨Circles✨, the People’s Choice winner of the 2020 CSESoc Personal Projects Competition! Arsham and Sunny pick their brains on all the ups and downs of developing a winning 🏆 webapp, including:

✅ How to learn a React library that DOESN’T have any Youtube tutorials or articles 👩‍🏫
✅ What to do when UNSW changes their website completely 😤 halfway through the project
✅ What motivated them to work on the project every night 💪

If you’re interested in entering the Personal Projects Competition this year, the competition is still open and ends September 12th! Check out more information and sign up here: https://bit.ly/CSESocPersonalProjects2021

The Circles team mention this article in the podcast: https://purelyfunctional.tv/guide/programming-projects-resume/

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01:15 Competition and project overview
06:38 Team background
11:52 Deciding on the project
17:12 Team roles
19:49 Language details and relevant UNSW courses
21:55 Learning process for project development
29:24 Technical development and timeline
34:35 Setbacks and roadblocks
38:49 Motivation
40:29 Future of Circles
46:11 "the +1 approach to programming projects"