CSESoc Media Team 2024

The UNSW CSESoc Media Team is a collaborative, student-run and student-led initiative. Media’s ethos is to capture the fun, diverse and intimate nature of the
students studying Computer Science and Engineering through producing fun, engaging and relatable content for all university students. At Media, we ignite conversations and connect with our community through a dynamic mix of our podcast Echo, Videos, Shorts,  and Articles. While these formats reflect our current
landscape, we enthusiastically embrace and encourage innovative ideas in any
form, inviting everyone to explore and redefine the ways we share and engage.

Send any inquiries you have to [email protected].

If you want to be a part of the team, keep an eye out for subcommittee applications opening in February 2024 soon!

Media Director

Dylan Hu


Media Director

Gloria Xi

yello, I'm Gloria 1/3 of the MEDIA directors, currently in 2nd year studying advsci/seng --> advsci/cs (forgive me, I cannot take 2 honours years). Fun fact: I am currently suffering from caffeine withdrawal so if I look like I'm blanking out or super tired, allow me. As a result, I've been getting into kombuchas lately.

Likes: 💰,  sleeping 🛌, laying down and i very much enjoy a good coffee order: iced long black, iced matcha, taro, sesame. MBTI: INFJ-T, (im borderline everything but always end up with INFJ).

Media Director

Leo Ng Maisnam

"Haha, I bet you don't know how to edit a video," scoffed someone from the shadows, the echoes of ridicule haunting him. Unbeknownst to them, within that moment, the stars laid the path for his destined greatness. Defying the jeers, he embraced his passion for media, using every taunt as fuel for his creative fire. As the whispers of doubt grew louder, he honed his skills in the quiet corners of Ainsworth. This mysterious person was named Leo, and this is how he became one of the greatest directors in the history of CSEsoc.

Media Subcom

Bella Li

hello i'm bella 👋 first year commerce and computer science student 👩‍🎓 i like round ducks, the colour yellow, paper, and naps. in my spare time, i enjoy journaling and looking up flights ✈️ i'm very excited to make some quality 💯 content with media this year!

Media Subcom

Christine Park

HIII~! I'm Christine, a first year studying Science (Psych) and Computer Science 😆. I love watching movies 🥳, taking photos on my digicam 🤩, and yapping with my friends 🥰. Number 1 on my goal list is to fix my sleeping schedule - currently a work in progress... Also recently turned into an extrovert (?) BUT I am an introvert at heart (INFP ❤️). If you have any movie/song recs feel free to just come up to me 🙏.

Media Subcom

Hae Kim

hello❗❗❗ my name is haeohreum, but you can call me hae and i am a second year computer science student❗i love bouldering (average cs guy), drumming (i specialise in jazz) and pondering about the roman empire. i'm very excited to make some insanely epic, touching, beautiful content for csesoc this year. stay hard!

Media Subom

Alan Xu

Yo whats good team I'm Alan, first year compsci/math (😭😭). I'm 6'11 and am great with kids (real 🤭). In my time I like to take photos 📸(@alanxuu i have 4 months backlog 🥴), work on projects that I never get to finish, tilt queue chess 😡💢, read books/manga/webtoon 🤓📚, drink jasmine tea 🌼 (GOAT 📠 tea 📠) and listen to music (don't ask what genre 🔩🧱). I may also play a teensy weensy itty bitty tiny winy bit of games (i gave up my soul for abyss speedruns long ago 🐬🧸🍁👍) (🚿🚿🌿🌿). My goals are to one day become like pat kay (impossible) and to make high quality content for media (😁).

Media Subom

Cindy Yu

I’m Cindy, also the photo in next section seems Sus 😼

Rehan Shukla

hey im rehan 2nd year cs/eng student. other than endlessly scrolling through brainrot, you can find me on letterboxd scavenging for my next film to obsess over. this year im looking forward to fixing my sleep schedule (not sleeping at 4am) n cookin up sum content

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