Execs, Directors & Subcommittees

The Executives and Directors are responsible for organising the society to make sure that things get done. Execs are elected annually by CSE students at the end of the preceding year and Directors are selected by Execs.

Execs, Directors & Subcommittees

The Executives and Directors are responsible for organising the  society to make sure that things get done. Execs are elected annually by CSE students at the end of the preceding year and Directors are selected by Execs.

The CSESoc Executive and Director team for 2023 is:


  • Amanda Lu - Co-President
  • Eliza Lee - Co-President
  • Melanie Wu - Treasurer
  • Rebecca Hsu - Arc Delegate
  • Priscilla Soo - Grievance, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer
  • Sophie Liu - Vice President (Internals)
  • Felix Cao - Vice President (Externals)
  • Keith Xiao - Secretary
  • Angella Pham - Vice President (Development)
  • Hanyuan Li - Vice President (Development)
  • Winnie Zhang - Education/Growth Executive
  • Max Xue - Education/Growth Executive
  • Jared Lohtaja - Cheif Technology Officer


  • Adi Sharma
  • Liz Santoso
  • Fiona Hu
  • Varun Penumalli


  • Sophie Khov
  • Ella Huang
  • Anish Sanghvi


  • Elizabeth Zhu Chan
  • Aarav Rego


  • Nicole Jiang
  • Spencer Wong
  • Justin Son


  • Caleb Park
  • Kelly Pan
  • Daniel Khuu


  • Hui Shan Pan
  • Leo (Zhirong) Lin
  • Jason Liu


  • Ivan Chan
  • Lesley Lu
  • Samuel Zheng


  • Eric Hor
  • Amy Liu
  • CHelsea Chaffey


  • Isabel Wee
  • Amber Wong
  • Sofia De Bellis


  • Abiram Nadarajah
  • Noah Melamed
  • Shiwani Balaji


  • Madhav Kumar
  • Simon Nguyen
  • Terence Lau
  • Maxwell Phillips


  • Grace Kan
  • Darian Lee


  • Sharon Zhong
  • Jane Wang


  • Rachel Ahn
  • Omar Al Zeidat

Training Program

  • Joshi Ha
  • Henry Guo


  • Peter Derias
  • Varun Sethu


  • Michael Vo - Chaos Director
  • Alex Miao - Chaos Director
  • Leonardo Fan - Circles Director
  • Hussain Nawaz - Circles Director
  • Joanna He - CSElectives Director
  • Aimen Hamed - CSElectives Director
  • Alexander Ziqi Chen - Discord Bot Director
  • Richard Zhong - Discord bot Director
  • Bob Chen - Freerooms Director
  • Franco Reyes - Freerooms Director
  • Matthew Liu - Jobsboard Director
  • Gabriel Ting - Jobsboard Director
  • Raiyan Ahmed - Notangles Director
  • Manhua Lu - Notangles Director
  • Gordon Huang - Structs.sh Director
  • Luke Fisk-Lennon - Structs.sh Director
  • Edward Qian - Structs.sh Director
  • Laura Wen - Websites Director
  • Mae Vuong - Websites CMS Director
  • James Teng - Websites Director

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Subcommittees are the teams that run CSESoc and its events to the benefit of all UNSW Computing students.


One of the core goals of CSESoc is to provide students with a large  variety of opportunities to build and diversify their careers and  professional portfolios. Our members are recognised around the globe as  world class computing students and many of them go on to work at an  extremely wide range of organisations in an assortment of different  roles.

The careers team aims to imbue our members with the skills,  experience, and connections needed to forge a successful career in the  technology industry. We organise and host events throughout semester  designed to achieve this goal - such as sponsor talks and workshops,  networking nights, resume and interview workshops, hackathons, and so  on. We also help manage sponsor relations, as sponsors play a key role  in everything we do. This year, we're also planning on launching a  number of exciting professional development initiatives, which, combined  with our events, look to form a strong platform in maximising  opportunities for all of our constituents.

Software Projects

The Projects team allows you to work on programming projects outside of  normal coursework, providing a talented team to turn your ideas into  reality. Examples of ongoing projects include a degree planner, a  timetabler, and various web development opportunities.


The Education team helps organise all the technical workshops we’ll be  providing you throughout the year. These workshops will be to help hone  your technical abilities in a wide range of areas, including areas covered by collaboration with other societies!


The Competitions team runs all of CSESoc's flagship competitions, from the annual Hackathon and Personal Projects competitions to trading competitions and CTFs, to show off your technical skills and challenge your mind and creativity.


The Socials team works to bring together CSE students of all years and  experiences to make long-term friendships between them, through events  like CSESoc’s First Year Camp, our weekly BBQs, or engaging and fun  events like our boardgames-centred CardBoard nights.

Student Experience

The Student Experience team helps plan, organise and run events associated with  CSESoc’s Peer Mentoring program, and caters to other underrepresented groups! Whether you’re an undergraduate or  postgraduate, the StudEx team will work hard to ensure that you start  studies at UNSW CSE on great footing.


The Creative team is behind the aesthetic direction and the branding of CSESoc, which includes event banners, video thumbnails and merchandise design.


CSESoc's marketing team is all about promoting the countless  sponsored career events and the amazing social events that happen throughout uni life.

The marketing team allows you to help market CSESoc to students and  our sponsors. From designing merchandise, to creating a Facebook event  for one of our fantastic social events, tech talks or workshops, or  taking photos and videos to capture these moments in an everlasting medium.


The Media Team is responsible for cementing the CSESoc’s brand and student voice, managing content that enriches the academic, social and  cultural experience of CSE students all while acting as a bridge for  students ideas, opinions and advice to the wider society. Some of the  type of content media is responsible for producing include but not  limited to are podcasts, videos, articles and the First Year Guide.