Meet CSESoc

What is CSESoc?

CSESoc is the constituent society for all students who study Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Bioinformatics Engineering and Masters of IT.

Some of the work we do to support CSE students are:

  • Social events to help you meet people and make new friends
  • Study sessions and workshops, when you’re on that COMP1511 grind
  • Competitions and project development to up-skill yourself
  • Career events to help you network and get a job you value
  • Creative content to inspire, educate and entertain
  • And so much more!

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The CSESoc Team

The CSESoc Team has three focuses – Internals, Externals and Technical – which are led by the elected Executive Team. These focuses are further divided into 12 different portfolios which are led by a wonderful team of Directors. See the full list of Executives and Directors and portfolio descriptions here.

Scroll down to meet us and see how YOU can join our team!


Elizabeth Zhu Chan

Hi, I'm Elizabeth, a third year Adv Sci/Comp Sci student and one-half of the CSESoc Co-Presidents this year 😊. My one piece of advice for uni is to try new things ☝️ - sign up for that subcom, join a social sports team - cause if I hadn't put myself out there I wouldn't have joined CSESoc and met so many amazing people 💗. Uni is the perfect time to see what you enjoy and don't enjoy and make some core memories!! If you see me around don't be afraid to say hi 🥰.


Lesley Lu

Being copres means long hours brooding in a meeting room in an imposing skyscraper…. Jks! I’m Lesley, 3rd Compsci/Arts and I like to spend my time being creative, dreaming of world domination, bouldering or picking up another hobby. Come say hi if you see me around!

Vice President (Internals)

Amy Liu

HI THERE! 👋 If you spot me in a first year commerce class don’t judge me I’m just rlly bad at planning my comm/comp sci degree out equally 🥲 I like to think I’m more on the introverted side but my MBTI tells me differently (ESFJ) probs cause I get pretty embarrassing and loud sometimes HEHEHEHEHEHE. Don’t make me order food though cause I choke up and start stressing out, my friends can attest for the embarrassment I was when I tried to order at maccas drive through 😀 By the way if you see scratches on my arms it’s cause I have a cute but ferocious kitten at home🐱(his names butter 🧈)

Vice President (Externals)

Nicole Jiang  

Hey there! My name is Nicole and I'll be going into my 3rd year (T⌓T) studying a double degree of Commerce and Computer Science. I might be a familiar face if you’ve ever lined up for a snag at our weekly BBQs, or attended any of CSESoc’s flagship events last year! As for the first years, I'm keen to get to see some of your faces at the variety of events our society has to offer for the upcoming year! As an INFP, my favourite way to pass time is to rot in bed with my crusty dog and binge my favourite Netflix series! But on the odd days I'm not, you’ll catch me going for morning swims, chasing sunsets or partying it up with friends on a night out. I'm not a massive chatterbox, but I enjoy company nonetheless and I'm always down for a chat. Don't be afraid to say hi, I don't bite !! :DD

Vice-President (Technical)

Matthew Lim

Hi! I'm Matthew, the Technical Vice President for 2024! I'm keen to guide the Online, Edu, IT and Comps ports in making awesome opportunities and programs that extend the reach of CSESoc! When I'm not grinding away at assignments, I'm either working on my photography, and videography, or crafting Spotify playlists. And when I'm stressed, a therapeutic drive is my go-to escape from the crutches of society. Please feel free to say hi to myself or any one of us! We're here to support you and make your time at University as awesome as possible! See you `round! 😀😗 ⚠⚠⚠ Qb ybn'lm nenwcvc tubm bdea ric'ne npyakmr thl E wngn gku bg icn trtg!!! Pwvr t hqye qts!!! - Uwtg 😗. Tfak I'z lninvvga zegum hws, aariva dbph nkr Ztfipaaz??? Gg ohbnn laprgxqjg bg npa sgtnm kf gay myoahgg.


Ivan Chan

Hiiii, I'm Ivan, a 3rd Year Computer Science student and the Secretary for 2024 🥳! I love travelling, skiing and binging movies+k-dramas. INFJ 🤩


Justin Son

Hi, my name is Justin, and I'm the treasurer for 2024! I'm a 4th year software engineering student. One fun fact about me is that I've traveled for more than two hours for a bowl of pho (only to find out they were closed). I love cats, running, and tennis, but I hate muggy weather, leg days, and train delays. My MBTI type is ENTJ!

Arc Delegate

Sophie Khov

Heyooo! I’m Sophie, a 3rd year CS/Sci student. Alongside the execs this year, we hope to help guide our awesome team to produce crazy events, videos, resources and more!! For those that know me, I have a sliiight addiction to Yo-chi ... AKA the greatest fro-yo place to exist. Aside from that, I also enjoying exploring new places - whether it be waterfalls, lookouts or water holes!! Hope to see you around :))

Careers Director

Eric Kang

hey guys i’m eric 👍 im a 2nd yr studying computer science and maths 🤩 i like eating good food, going to the gym, playing basketball and poker 🦾 i don’t like staying up to finish coding assignments, my carplay not workingnproperly and seeing the Lakers get blown out 😭 if u see me on campus come say whats up! careers 🔛🔝

Careers Director

Jasmine Xian

I'm a second year studying CompSci/Science. I HATE writing, raw onions and well-done steaks. I love my cat Levie🤍, rnb music and beach days. One thing that ruins my day is when I dress for a deadly hot day but then I go indoors where they decide to BLAST their FREEZING aircons so now I'm FREEZING on a 40 degree day 🥰 I love careers 🫶 I love CSESoc 🫶 Come to our events 🫶 Join us 🫶

Careers Director 

Max Lee

commerce/comp sci


join careers its dope

Competitions Director

Aliff Azlan

I'm a third year in Computer Science + Electrical Engineering. I enjoy doing puzzles and trying to think outside the box to find unique solutions and sometimes breaking problems to find unintended ways of approaching them. Also I play a lot of Minecraft (I have well over 10000 hours i think)

Competitions Director

Diego Untalan

Hallo! I'm Diego, a second year Comp Sci student! You'll probably see me listening to all kinds of music, heading to my 3rd concert of the month, having a 3 hour yap session about the most random topic, or being a Hello Fresh slave. (i really like cooking) (please send food recommendations) I would love to take more photos and videos of anything and everything but my iPhone is chronically out of storage TT

Competitions Director

Haibing Wang

Hey there! I'm Haibing, 3rd year Maths/CS nerd and the ultimate lightweight of CSESoc. I like to balance my love for nature walks with a crippling gaming addiction and a slight touch of crying over broken code, but not always at the same time. If any of those sound like you I'm sure we'll have a great time. :) I'm here to bring you guys some amazing competition experiences this year, so whether you're a seasoned competitions veteran or touching a keyboard for the first time, know that there will always be something for you!

Creative Director

Anna Wang

Hallo🙋‍♀️ My name is Anna and I’m a 2nd-year compsci/(commerce…) student. I’m an INFJ and I love going overseas, minions, smelling fragrances, hibernating, 0.5x photos, yummy soup - especially with noodles, driving fast, cute hats, winter, retail therapy, rollercoasters, productive procrastination, spontaneous outings and funny people. Get ready for all the Michelin star stuff creative (best, AWARD WINNING port) is cooking up in 2024 😎

Creative Director

Jordan Djamaan

YOOOO my name is Jordan, a Commerce/Comp Sci student and I’m one of the magnificent Creative Directors 😎. I have a deep love for soccer and I’m a YANITED fan through and through 🫡. You’ll also catch me obsessing over cars (p.s. dont talk to me if you drive slow 😡), admiring nature, binging true crime shows or devouring food (hmu for a cheeky maccas or acai run). Get keen to see CSEsoc dripped out in our creativity 🥶.

Creative Director

Shabinda Sarkaria

Hi I’m Shabinda but I go by Shay! I study compsci. I have a knack for art (shocker) and if i’m not doing that i’m solving jigsaw puzzles, hiking (could hike to the moon if I could), playing AC or reading. I love plane spotting, sesame seed ice cream and watching apocalyptic/sci-fi movies. If you see me around, come say hi and I may respond in a Southern accent (IM GOOD AT IT). Also, I despise the grape flavour of hi-chew candy, it’s vile. My MBTI score says i’m an ENFJ but I find that hard to believe.

Education Director

Alina Jin

Degree: B of Actuarial Studies / CompSci (2nd year) Likes: Money, making money (?) Dislikes: any random bugs/spiders appear in my room😭.....


Education Director

Liam Smith

I'm Liam, I'm currently in my third year of Comp Sci and a fun fact about me is that I hate writing descriptions of myself 😂 This is going to be my second year in the Education Portfolio here at CSESoc and I reckon it's going to be a good one, so if you're interested in all things education, you should apply!

Events Director

Emma Nguyen

elec eng / comp sci, I like t1, events is best portfolio,  infp

Events Director

Jalaj Jain

Don't take Engineering, planning that degree is harder than actually doing it not that doing it is any easier. I am the falsely labeled 'alcoholic', I only blacked out 2 times last year. Volleyball is cool cause Haikyuu and I hate flakers, so don't flake. Also clear skies and a nightime drive to go stargazing is mmmmmmmmmm. I am a Libra, its very important, star signs are amazing and they determine everything in our lives. You are a bad person if you are a stegosaurus star sign. My MBTI is ENFJ - T and when I did an ADHD test my tics and fidgets were the highest you could be so....

Events Director

Jenny Lee

Jenny here ;p ✌🏻 I am a 2nd year Computer Science/Science student. My MBTI is ESFP and I like pretty skies and cute things. I will only ever draw love hearts as it is the only thing I can draw :// So if there’s a bunch of hearts somewhere, I was probably most likely there. I have a habit of randomly speaking different languages mid conversation for funsies. My favourite photos are point five photos even though I don't have a point five camera >.< My go-to activity is sleeping in my comfy little bed or going out for a night drive. Also the sun and I are not friends which is why I prefer indoor/night activities.

HR Director

Aryan Chauhan

Hey y’all I’m Aryan and I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Computer Science. Fun fact about me is that I’m mixed handed meaning I do some things with my left hand and other things with my right. I like basketball, volleyball, driving at night with music, and Nutella. I cannot stand olives and you’re crazy if you actually like them 😋

HR Director

Edwin Tang

Ello, I am going into my second year of a CS/Adv Maths degree. I have, to date, been to 17 countries!!! I started my CSESOC journey last year, as HR subcomm and am now moving up to director. I love all my societies (CSESoc and MathSoc) and I dislike bad drivers on the road 👀👀👀. I am an ENTJ and feel free to reach out about anything!

HR Director

Jasmine Guan

Doing compsci/commerce, I love figure skating, cats and spending all my paycheck on food/drinks (that's my whole life really 😭)

IT Director

Derek Xu

3rd year cs / maths i like food (preferably spicy), sleep, to do lists, puzzles, tennis i dislike rain, waiting in lines, css

IT Director

Dominic Cheung

Helloo, I'm Dominic. I study Computer Science and Psychology in my third year, and I'm one of the IT Directors for 2024! When I'm not messing around with some personal programming projects, I also spend a fair bit of time reading, listening to music, watching assorted movies/shows, and playing sandbox-y games.

Marketing Director

Lisa Lin

HI! I'm Lisa, second year economics/computer science. And as a result of my incredible subcommittee experience (working with so many people and being able to quantifiably see our reach widen and bring so many people together AHHHH), one of the Marketing directors of CSESoc for 2024. A little fun fact about me is I love dying my hair - it was shades of brown/brownish-red throughout high school and then purple for a bit, then grey then washed out to a greenish colour. I'm thinkin' of going pink next - but I guess only the future can tell hehe


Likes: haidilao (im salivating rn), kuromi, bubble tea, perfumes and anime! Dislikes: humidity, slow reply games >:(

Marketing Director

Zitian Qin

Hiiii, I'm Zitian and I'm a second year studying adv compsci! I'm an infp 🤩. A fun(?) fact about me is that i like playing piano in my spare time and i very recently started learning poker. I also have 2 cats and a dog and had a brief fountain pen addiction last year (I'm now really into mechanical pencils). If you see me around come say hi!

Media Director

Dylan Hu


Media Director

Gloria Xi

yello, I'm Gloria 1/3 of the MEDIA directors, currently in 2nd year studying advsci/seng --> advsci/cs (forgive me, I cannot take 2 honours years). Fun fact: I am currently suffering from caffeine withdrawal so if I look like I'm blanking out or super tired, allow me. As a result, I've been getting into kombuchas lately. Likes: 💰,  sleeping 🛌, laying down and i very much enjoy a good coffee order: iced long black, iced matcha, taro, sesame. MBTI: INFJ, (im borderline everything but always end up with INFJ).

Media Director

Leo Ng Maisnam

"Haha, I bet you don't know how to edit a video," scoffed someone from the shadows, the echoes of ridicule haunting him. Unbeknownst to them, within that moment, the stars laid the path for his destined greatness. Defying the jeers, he embraced his passion for media, using every taunt as fuel for his creative fire. As the whispers of doubt grew louder, he honed his skills in the quiet corners of Ainsworth. This mysterious person was named Leo, and this is how he became one of the greatest directors in the history of CSEsoc.

Outreach Director

Joyce He

Hi I am the cheeky eggplant on the left! Both of us are Outreach directors for 2024. My go to conversation filler is to ask your mbti so I can secretly check our compatibility later on so please know it if we ever talk. Mine is ISTJ! My random fun fact is that one time i sold my Spotify account to a lofi artist in america for 1k because this lofi playlist I made for studying amassed over 400k + followers. For legal reasons though, this is not true...

Join Outreach x

Outreach Director

Sapphire Wildie

hi สวัสดีค่ะ. I'm a 2nd year comm/cs student (we'll see how long for tho 👀) and a director of csesoc's Outreach portfolio. My likes/ hobbies include sport, hanging out with friends, my cat, listening to true crime and doing facial analyses. My dislikes/ fears are not wearing sunscreen, water when i cant see the bottom and being sick. FUN FACT: I've fallen asleep on the toilet after taking a shit don't ask me for a photo!

Socials Director

Davis Lim

Hello! I’m a second year compsci student and I love my 2 cats Regal and BearBear. Yes that’s 2 bears back to back. Somehow i kept getting parking ticket fines and it’s piling up like mad. Fun fact is I had an operation to remove my tonsils and for 2 months, I lost my sense of taste. Worst 2 months of my life.

Socials Director

Jennifer  Yu

Hello! I'm a second year studying engineering/computer science. A fun fact about myself is that I had tongue surgery when I was five because I couldn't pronounce words properly lol. I love any noodle dish and cute babies on tiktok and my greatest pet peeve is turning around and walking backwards. And also I went to jail once!!

Socials Director

Susie Xia

Helloo!! I am a 2nd year Compsci/Science student! I love shopping, yapping, going out, taking photos of myself, being obsessed with myself and meeting new people! Fun fact I also have a gambling addiction so maybe you'll see me around at the star!

Pheww! That was a long scroll! Want to be a part of the team? 2024 Subcommittee recruitment opens up in early February and look out for Meet the Directors videos releasing shortly! Also, come meet us at the annual Meet n Greet BBQ in Week 2 on Wednesday. You can read more about being part of a subcom here.

2023 CSESoc Subcommittee

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