What’s it like organising some of the biggest events for CSESoc like First Year Camp 🏕️, Pub Crawl 🍻, and Peer Mentoring 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦? How does one teach first years React and JavaScript in a week ⏰ to make a CS Electives review website?

Come join Caleb and Fiona as they chat (and casually banter) with the Socials and Student Experience Directors of 2021 … 🥁✨ Lachlan, Evan & Giuliana ✨

Some juicy content 🧃 include:

  • Organising the biggest events like camp 🏕️, peer mentoring 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, and weekly BBQs 🍖♨️🔥🥩🥓
  • Working as a team 🤝 to make visions 💭 come to life 🔮✨
  • Balancing ⚖️ work 💻, uni 🎓 & a social life 🎉
  • The story behind Jebediah Dumptruck & how Lachlan is literally dating a 🔥 HOT 🔥 grill
  • And so many more SPICY TAKES!!! 🌶️🌶️🌶️

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0:00  Intro
2:12  What does your portfolio do?
5:51  Organising the CSESoc Peer Mentoring Program
10:45  Behind the Scenes of CSESoc 1st yr camp
18:30  Biggest challenges in organising large-scale events
21:13  CSESoc Pub Crawl post-reflections
25:39  Potential All Years camp?!?!?! 👀👀👀
30:32  “Which CSESoc exec are you” Personality Quiz
48:44  The actual reason why StuNet was rebranded as Studex
52:05  Giuliana’s role as the SecSoc president
55:39  Who would you save: CSESoc or SecSoc?
57:43  Studex’s vision & its outreach to international students
1:00:09 Training subcom to make CSElectives
1:03:53  Working with the subcom
1:09:10  Working with each other
1:13:02  How does introversion/extraversion affect the way events are run?
1:15:47  Lachlan: What it’s like studying at 7 different high schools over 4 different countries
1:19:05  Evan’s take on balancing uni, work & a social life
1:23:05  Hosting sponsored BBQ’s
1:24:38  Running the T2 Welcome Back BBQ Event was CHAOS
1:32:30  The story of Jebediah Dumptruck
1:34:35  Jebediah Dumptruck x Lachlan’s #1 hottest love affair
1:37:16  Challenging & rewarding aspects of being a director
1:45:44  Advices to your first year selves
1:49:38  Final comments & outro