The CSE Course Map

So you are, or are interested in studying a degree in the school of Computer Science and Engineering (aka Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Bioinformatics Engineering, or Masters of IT). As part of your degree, you'll have to study a range of Computer Science courses! The handy map below shows the courses currently available, with arrows indicating a course that becomes available after completing the preceding course.

Every COMP course you can take!

Refer to the UNSW Handbook to check which courses are core, and which are available as electives. Not sure what any of this means? Check out the CSESoc Pre-Enrolment Guide for an explainer!

Course index

Note: in the Handbook, all of these courses will have the prefix COMP

1511 Programming Fundamentals
1521 Computer Systems Fundamentals
1531 Software Engineering Fundamentals
2041 Software Construction: Techniques and Tools
2111 System Modelling and Design
2121 Microprocessors and Interfacing
2511 Object-Oriented Design & Programming
2521 Data Structures and Algorithms
3121/3821 Algorithms and Programming Techniques/Extended
3131 Programming Languages and Compilers
3141 Software System Design and Implementation
3151 Foundations of Concurrency
3153 Algorithmic Verification
3161 Concepts of Programming Languages
3211 Computer Architecture
3222 Digital Circuits and Systems
3231/3891 Operating Systems/Extended
3311 Database Systems
3311 Computer Networks and Applications
3411 Artificial Intelligence
3421 Computer Graphics
3431 Robotic Software Architecture
3511 Human Computer Interaction
4121 Advanced Algorithms
4128 Programming Challenges
4141 Theory of Computation
4161 Advanced Topics in Software Verification
4336 Mobile Data Networking
4337 Securing Fixed and Wireless Networks
4418 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
4511 User Interface Design and Construction
4920 Professional Issues and Ethics in Information Technology
6080 Web Front-End Programming
6324 Internet of Things Service Design and Engineering
6441/6481 Security Engineering and Cyber Security/Extended
6443/6843 Web Application Security and Testing/Extended
6445/6845 Digital Forensics/Extended
6447 System and Software Security Assessment
6448 Security Engineering Masterclass
6449 Security Engineering Professional Practice
6451 Cryptocurrency and Distributed Ledger Technologies
6452 Software Architecture for Blockchain Applications
6666 Essential Computer Education
6714 Information Retrieval and Web Search
6721 (In-)Formal Methods: The Lost Art
6733 Internet of Things Experimental Design Studio
6741 Algorithms for Intractable Problems
6752 Modelling Concurrent Systems* Prerequisite is MATH1081
6771 Advanced C++ Programming
9242 Advanced Operating Systems
9243 Distributed Systems
9312 Data Analytics for Graphs
9313 Big Data Management
9315 Database Systems Implementation
9318 Data Warehousing and Data Mining
9319 Web Data Compression and Search
9321 Data Services Engineering
9322 Software Service Design and Engineering
9332 Network Routing and Switching
9334 Capacity Planning of Computer Systems and Networks
9417 Machine Learning and Data Mining
9418 Advanced Topics in Statistical Machine Learning
9433 Computational Methods for Robotics
9444/9844 Neural Networks and Deep Learning/Extended
9447 Security Engineering Workshop
9491 Applied Artificial Intelligence
9517 Computer Vision

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