Welcome to CSESoc’s 2021 First Year Guide (FYG)!

Whether you’re a budding Computer Science and Engineering student, or just curious - this interactive guide is packed with advice, tips, and experiences from fellow CSE students, graduates in industry, and lecturers to help you make the most out of uni!

Read on for a welcome by CSE Head of School Aaron Quigley - before undertaking the quiz that will determine how you will start your uni journey...

Welcome to CSE!

Aaron Quigley (Head of School)

Start with this quiz to find out what type of uni student you are, and we’ll tell you which page in the CSESoc FYG to visit first! After reading an article, you’ll be presented with choices of recommended pages to venture to next. Want to read more about the social aspects of uni? Or are you the type who'd rather read more about how to make the most out of your academics? Perhaps you'd like to read a mix of both? Whatever type of uni student you are, you'll get to carve out your own journey through this FYG.

And if you prefer to wander off the path, you can access any article using the nav box at the bottom of every page! Choose your own adventure through the First Year Guide based on YOUR interests and goals for uni! Are you ready to start?

Don't like what the quiz recommended you? The full FYG roadmap is here: