Getting To and Navigating UNSW

Getting to UNSW Main Campus

Light Rail

The most common way of getting to UNSW is by taking the light rail from Central Station!

The closest light rail stop to Central is on Chalmers St. When you get there, you'll notice that there's two options: the L2 to Randwick and the L3 to Juniors Kingsford. The L2 will take you to Upper Campus on High St next to Matthews and the John Clancy Auditorium, while the L3 will take you to Lower Campus on Anzac Parade next to the Roundhouse and the entrance to Main Walkway. The L2 and L3 run in an alternating pattern roughly every 7 minutes, so there’s no need to plan your light rail journey in advance. Opal cards are checked pretty often along these routes so don’t forget to tap on and bring your student ID!

Where do I get off to get to the CSE building?
As its name suggests, Middle Campus (near the Quad and the CSE building) is right between the two light rail stops. According to Google Maps, it's 1 minute faster to walk from Anzac Pde, but the walk from High St has the benefit of being downhill. So unless you're really not keen to walk up the Main Walkway, take whichever light rail is leaving first!


If you're planning on driving to UNSW, the biggest thing you need to think about is parking. One option is to park in one of the bays or carparks on campus, and pay using the CellOPark App. Check out the most updated rules and fees on the UNSW Estate website.

The other option is to park on the streets around UNSW. Unfortunately spots can be quite hard to find, even early in the morning. It’s usually easiest to park a 10-15 min walk away from campus instead of hunting closer by.


There are very few direct buses from Central Station to UNSW, and we highly recommend taking the light rail instead. If you must take the bus, some of the lines that depart near UNSW are the 370, 390X and 392.

Campus Map

If you’re looking for your way around, a place to code or chill, or a bite to eat, refer to the map below, which shows some key parts of UNSW!

Finding Your Way Around

Campus is a big place, so it’s definitely easy to get lost. We’ve created a Campus Tour video to help you find your way around! You can also sign up for a Class Timetable tour during O-Week, where a volunteer will look at your individual timetable and show you where all your classes are located.

Otherwise, if you prefer to navigate solo, make sure to download the Lost On Campus app, which can help direct you to anywhere on campus. Google Maps can also show you the major buildings on campus but it can be hard to find shortcuts to your destination.

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