Course Map

The course map below shows all the comp courses on offer at UNSW, as well as marking their prerequisites and different fields of computing!

Always make sure to consult your Handbook to figure out which courses you can or should take under your enrolment!

Course index

For the full list of courses offered by the School of Computer Science and Engineering in 2022, we’ve provided links to the UNSW timetable website! Each course’s entry tells you what terms the subject is run in, as well as linking you to the Handbook page for the course for more information.

Click here for computer science (COMP) courses.

Click here for software engineering (SENG) courses.

Click here for bioinformatics (BINF) courses.

Click here for all courses offered across the uni.

Not sure what courses to enrol in during your first year? Check out our Enrolment Guide for more information! And check out the CSElectives website for student-submitted course reviews for each subject.

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