Guide to UNSW Societies

There are many societies in UNSW that aren’t CSESoc! Here are some societies you might encounter if you haven’t already!

Mathematics Society (Mathsoc)

Mathsoc is the society for maths and the saviour of all CSE students taking math courses (especially their resources on their website).

Check them out on their website:

Engineering Society (EngSoc)

Engsoc is the constituent engineering society at UNSW involving students from all schools of engineering, including the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

Check them out on their website:

Women in Technology (WIT)

WIT aims to empower, collaborate and up-skill students within STEM to promote diversity within the tech industry.

Check them out on their website:

Engiqueers Society

Engiqueers are a newly formed society that  focuses on creating a supportive community and environment for LGBTQI+ students in STEM.

Check out their instagram page:

Security Society (SecSoc)

Despite their name sounding funny, SecSoc focuses on spreading awareness and enthusiasm for cyber security. Do check out some of their events such as their Newbie CTF if you are interested in taking any cyber security courses in your degree!

Check them out on their website:

CSESoc Compclub

Originally a portfolio under CSESoc, Compclub is a sister society to CSESoc and they’re dedicated to making educational workshops to introduce high school students to programming. If that sounds fun to you, consider applying as a mentor!

Checkout their facebook page:

Bioinformatics Society (BINFSoc)

BINFSoc dedicates itself to representing the needs of all Bioinformatic students including career paths, social events and course revisions!

Check them out here:

Data Science Society (DataSoc)

Datasoc focuses on empowering members with knowledge and skills of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Check them out on their website:

CSE Revue

A live comedy sketch show about CSE related things held in July at uni. It’s produced and directed completely by members of the society. Consider getting a ticket and watching or be part of it yourself!!!

Check them out here:

PC Society (PCSoc)

The society for computer enthusiasts and regular watchers of LinusTechTips.

Check them out here:

Postgraduate Computer Science Society

This society focuses on helping postgraduate students from across the globe to transition into the uni-life of UNSW.

Check out their Facebook here:

Competitive Programming and Mathematics Society (CPMSoc)

For students interested in competitive programming and/or competitive mathematics.

Check them out here:

Cultural Societies

你好? Bone jaw?

Culture societies are a great way to immerse yourself into a culture and/or language whilst being able to socialise with others. The great thing about cultural societies is that anyone from any background can join. You can find more cultural societies here, though this is not a complete list: UNSW Cultural Societies.

There’s still a ton of other societies at UNSW for different hobbies, demographics and interests. You can check out the rest of them here:

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